We are Marta and Ana, sisters of birth and companions in this adventure that emerged from nowhere, making the aperitif on a terrace of a small mountain village. In the heart of the Pyrenees and surrounded by snow, what was a simple comment, which at any other time in our lives would not have been more important, has become a fantastic journey where we are getting to know ourselves. This adventure in capital letters is allowing us to explore unknown terrain and discovering all we are capable of doing. We would never have imagined the great team we formed, even though we are different: one is more emotional and social; the other, more rational; but we are both creative, dreamy, romantic and we love the rose, and the romantic movies and books.

When you start any project with these characteristics, you encounter thousands of obstacles that you can not even imagine that could exist, but when you want, you can and are able to overcome any difficulty, especially when you have all the family support.

We have always been attracted to the world of fashion, in part, by the influence of our mother, a seamstress by profession, who sewed at home the outfits that we used to wear to make the holidays beautiful. Despite the maternal influence and having made our first steps in this field, we tried to design dresses that we could never do, we learned how to make patterns or take them out of magazines, and we even made dresses for our dolls. We were able to unleash our creativity, as we chose different, parallel paths that seemed difficult to intertwine, until one day, without really knowing how, our hidden vocation woke up and gave rise to Bylópez.

Bylópez was born from the illusion of creating something that had a relationship with our personality, that could please a heterogeneous audience and make us feel proud. We have created our product with the philosophy that we apply to gifts, that is, if you are going to give something, try to make the gift like you equally, because that way you increase the probability of success that you like the person to whom you give . We could use any of our creations in our day to day and we believe that this energy can be transmitted to future customers.

When we decided to embark on this adventure, it did not occur to us to do a market study to find out what kind of product would be more interesting, because we were aware that the reasons that usually lead us to buy one product or another can be diverse, so we simply took into account our intuition and opted for t-shirts and sweatshirts. Why shirts and sweatshirts? Because they are a type of product accessible to all types of public, both for those who always go to the last, and for those to whom new trends do not affect them too much, for young people and also for those who are not so, for those who have a lot of money and for those who do not have enough …

In addition, we began to think about how many times we had the need to buy something just because. By our own experience and by the opinions of our environment we found that there is a «because that day your body asks for it and you decide to give it a tribute» or a «because you see something in the shop window and you fall in love». We trust that one of our shirts or sweatshirts is that object that you see and you can not resist buying it.

Also, we knew that in the market, and especially in the world of fashion, there was a lot of variety; However, we also knew that one of the aspects that makes the difference is that not everything is done in the same way. All the garments in this launch collection are designed from the heart; choosing fabrics and accessories personally, so that all of them wear our personal, feminine, carefree and glamorous touch, designed to be worn by any woman at any time of day, and without forgetting ethics and sustainability, because the how and where garments are made is also important.

The environmental impact and working conditions of the people who are responsible for making each garment exert an influence every day more noticeable in the decision to buy a garment or another. Our commitment to a proximity production allows us to maintain a direct contact with the product and take care of even the smallest detail, giving added value to our collection.